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   Creative Foraging System

Creative Foraging System

The Creative Foraging System provides your parrot withthe opportunity to feed naturally by foraging for food.It thus will become involved inbehaviors and physicalactivities similar to birds observed in the wild. Having apet bird obtain food entirely by foraging is a revolutionaryconcept that offers numerous benefits to both the birdand its human companion. Field trials indicate thatparrots fed from traditional dishes spendbetween 15to 27 minutes per day feeding, whereas, birds that havemadea complete transition to foraging for their food mustdedicate 4 to 6 hoursper day to feeding activities. CreativeForaging System is the only pet birdfeeding regimen onthe market that provides environmental enrichment,continuous stimulation, and vigorous physical exercise.
Pluck No More
Stops Birds From Feather Plucking, Calms Fearful & Untamable Birds - Great New Revolutionary Product!

Over 90% Success Rate On Feather Pluckers, Feather Pickers & Stress Related Behaviors

Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots!

Good Bird
A professional in animal behavior has created an easy-to-read step-by-step guide that uses positive reinforcement for teaching your parrot acceptable behavior. This book will help you deal with screaming, biting, feather-picking, bonding, and other difficult parrot behaviors. Chapters include Preparing the Companion Parrot Owner, Screaming, Biting, Bonding to One Person, Cage Bound Bird, and Feather Picking.

Camicide     Camicide contains Pyrethrins, known to be the safest way to manage pests in your bird room. Camicide Insecticide is a natural insecticide produced by certain species of the chrysanthemum plant. Camicide is safe to use around pets, though we suggest removing birds from areas while spraying and ventilating area well.
  Parrot Behavior
and Training #1

The first in our series of Parrot Behavior and Training DVD's, this DVD covers the basic fundamentals of training with positive reinforcement. We give you detailed instructions on how to shape behavior. Our training subjects are companion parrots learning behaviors for the first time. Be the first to experience these special moments of learning captured on film.
Captive Foraging DVD
Captive Foraging

Captive Foraging DVD  By M. Scott Echols, DVM, Dipl ABVP - Avian Practice
• Understand the natural foraging instinct of all animals
• Prevent unwanted behaviors, such as feather destruction and repetitive functionless activity
• Build a foraging tree for captive birds
• Create foraging toys — from basic to advanced — to keep birds occupied and happy

Poop Off

Poop Off
Instantly dissolve bird droppings nearly everywhere. Safe enough to use with the bird inside the cage. Nothing safer or faster available. The number one selling bird dropping removers in the world.
Made in the USA. Bird Bene-Bac is a concentrated live culture of five common bacteria found in the intestinal tracts of birds and reptiles. Bird Bene-Bac powder guarantees 25 million colony forming units (CFU) per gram of viable lactic acid producing bacteria. Bird Bene-Bac provides help for birds and reptiles under adverse conditions such as showing, weaning, worming, surgery, traveling, boarding, breeding, antibiotic therapy or simple intestinal stress. Recommended as part of the management program for birds when hand feeding or weaning from hand feeding. Use with growing and mature birds or reptiles when they are subject to changing nutritional or environmental conditions or after antibiotic therapy.